Accounting Committees of Excellence – ACE

Cal Poly Accounting Club Introduces ACE

This month CPAC introduced ACE – Accounting Committees of Excellence. The goal of ACE is to expand the reach of CPAC and provide events and information vital to our member’s success professional and academic. ACE consists of two groups, the upper-class and the lower class committee. These committees provide tailored information specific to each grade level.

The upper-class committee supports the needs of juniors and seniors. This includes support and information on internships, full-time opportunities, extended education, the CPA exam, and more.

The lower-class committee supports the need of freshmen and sophomores. This includes support and information on picking a concentration, networking, summer leadership programs, and more.

The ACE committees serve a crucial role in the professional development of CPAC members and I believe is a significant step in our clubs growth and future development.